Customs Brokerage (BOG, BAQ, BUN, CTG, SMR):

We are pleased to offer custom services with guarantee and security in cargo handling Import and Export of our customers.

automated-check.fw Advice on customs regulations for import and export.

automated-check.fw Permit application to the competent bodies.

automated-check.fw Nationalization of goods.

automated-check.fw DIAN customs red tape.


Cargo Insurance:

We ensure its air, sea, land cargo. We have the best national and international companies and advise on insurance which takes according to their needs and type of goods.

automated-check.fw Expedition immediately insurance.

automated-check.fw The covering door to door.

automated-check.fw Covering all risks.



We offer storage services authorized by the DIAN deposits, can distribute goods to any part of Colombia and from the free zone Export to anywhere in the world.

automated-check.fw Free zone

automated-check.fw Customs warehouses

automated-check.fw Simple deposits

In Bogota, Medellin and Cali ports.


Packaging, packing, and packaging of goods:

automated-check.fw Different materials

automated-check.fw Specialized materials for each commodity

automated-check.fw Management certified packaging


Agreements for multimodal transport and customs transit:

automated-check.fw U.S

automated-check.fw China

automated-check.fw Asia

automated-check.fw Brazil

automated-check.fw Central America