The main objective of Alpha Logistics is to offer our logistics services


plane-250From our experience we handle shipments of any size or weight, we look for the fastest route and reasonable costs in its exports and imports, we have a select group of airlines which allows us to offer regular flights on 5 continents.

automated-check.fw Tell customer about the status of your merchandise

automated-check.fw Reserve flight that fits your needs

automated-check.fw Monitoring of operations being carried out

automated-check.fw Accompanying their goods at the time of charge


ship-250Thanks to our great experience we offer more services, better rates, handling with the most recognized shipping worldwide with our extensive network of agents around the world, we can handle cargo in containers 20 and 40 feet, HIGH CUBE, special projects, loose cargo, vehicles, among others.

automated-check.fw Container load (FCL) completely.

automated-check.fw Container load (LCL) bulk cargo with other goods.

automated-check.fw Tracking goods from the point of loading to arrival at destination.

automated-check.fw Tell customer about the status of your merchandise.


truck-250We provide ground transportation service as the only means of transporting goods from the ports of arrival of cargo to different cities in Colombia.

automated-check.fw The continuation of the trip we made through strategic alliances with authorized by DIAN to use OTM mode and DTA companies.

automated-check.fw Cargo transportation by land of origin and destination airports.

automated-check.fw Escort services.

automated-check.fw Freight nationalized through the national territory and conventions to Ecuador and Venezuela.